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Attendance definitely is up since we've gotten into your pages. Back in 2017 when I started this we were getting around 20-25 people. We are now averaging 70-90 people and going into our 4th year in January. The cultural calendar has been very important to our success. (Here's to breaking 100 people in 2020!)

—Yours, Joe
North Indian River County Library
September 2019


I just wanted you to know that as a result of the article below posted last week on our Art For Health’s Sake program we had an additional 10 new participants for the class today. Thank you.

—Sophie Bentham-Wood
Director of Marketing and Communications
Vero Beach Museum of Art
June 2016

Thank you for all the latest news. Wish I was there to enjoy all the art shows and jazz festivals. Will plan to attend some when I return in March. Love the painting RESTING by Paul Davis, so beautiful.

—Barbara Clemens

Just when I think your newsletters can't get any better, you do it again. Great work. Thank you.

—Joel B. McEachern Mount Dora, FL

So delighted to see that I can receive information on line on Mondays about events in the area. My organization is a member: National League of American Pen Women. Thank you

—Rosemary Brofos, President
August 2014

From Washington DC:
We are very happy to read Vero Beach Cultural events. It is our connection when We are here in DC. We will be there in January to be part of your cultural events. God Bless you, Thank you.

—Bettina and Keith Kramer

Good Afternoon:

Keeping you up to date with the outcome of yesterday's Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) Awareness event: It was absolutely unbelievable!!! We have now been asked to join in the newly forming consortium of the medical programs of the University of Central Florida and Nova Southeaster to be the "voice" in the research and successes of equine assisted psychotherapy for the state of FL. This is a dream come true! I've always seen this as undeniably one of the best forms of therapy, but I never imagined getting politically involved at the state and possibly national level for awareness with this kind of medical and university support. Dr. Monroe, Dr. Keever, and Dr. Brotsky are three of the kindest people I have ever met and their input was priceless! We now have two university programs mentoring us and fully supporting a state wide push for awareness and funding. Several people walked through the door with information in hand from the Cultural Council's press journal promo. Thank you so much for helping us to promote this! One woman came all the way from Okeechobee!

—Cindy Devine, Executive Director
Florida Equestrian Foundation
May 2013